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Thank you for the Daily Dose. It's something I look forward to every day.

- Harv Stewart

so it would be correct to say:
? הבלוג הזה הוא גדול
תודה רבה , Ami, for your efforts!
- daktari

Dear Ami,
"Hasrefa" is now being used by news reporters. I know the word and meaning. (e.g."nisraf" etc).
I subscribe to Channel 899 in Toronto, and am able to watch Channel 1 of Israel with Hebrew news reports plus a number of shows. Your choice of daily words is amazingly helpful in my trying to understand.
Thank you again.

- Chava,Canada

I also want you to know how much I enjoy the daily dose of Ivrit.  You choose words that are not normally in daily conversation, but, when the root is shown, are recognizable. Thank you!

- Judi Leibovits

I am so impressed with your "Daily Dose of Hebrew." I love seeing the connections between various words, the kind of things you point out.

- David Trutt

Thanks for the very enlightening emails each day.

-David Trutt

i thought the hebrew word for timing was timing!
love your blog.

- Arielle

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy this "daily dose of Hebrew" e-mail.  It's keeping me excited about returning to Israel in June!  

Keep up the great work!!!!

- Sam from Phoenix, Arizona

Although my proficiency in Hebrew is now reasonably good (self-taught since the age of 13), every day you teach me something new. I find each of your “daily doses of Ivrit” truly excellent, quite unique, providing full grammatical explanations and numerous examples of use of the vocabulary taught. Frankly, none of the few Hebrew textbooks that helped me acquiring the language through the years has been as informative as your “daily doses of Ivrit”.

- Joseph Kostenbaum

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