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May 27, 2013

how to say "security check" in Hebrew

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בִּדּוּק בִּטְחוֹנִי

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This one's for Rojan and David

I've had guests visiting from Europe the last few days. For both of them it's the first time in Israel, and therefore the first time encountering the psychologically-astute Israeli security team at the airport.

A security check is a בִּדּוּק בִּטְחוֹנִי

Let's break that down.


The verb for to check is לִבְדּוֹקof the active-simple פָּעַל form and the root ב.ד.ק (b.d.k). And a check or a checkup is a בְּדִיקָה.

But since a security check is a more involved process than a simple checkup, we invoke the noun form of an intensive verb, yielding the word בידוק.


בטחוניcomes from the word בִּטָּחוֹן- security. בטחוני is an adjective, so we add a י (y) to the end of the word בטחון

Putting these two pieces together, we get a security check - בידוק בטחוני.

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