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Feb 19, 2013

how to say "to conceal" in Hebrew

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The Talmud connects the name of the Purim story's heroine, אֶסְתֵּר - Esther - with the concept of concealment, the root of which is ס.ת.ר (s.t.r). Here's a Wikipedia article containing various explanations for the name of אסתר.

Deriving from the ס.ת.ר root, we have the verb לְהַסְתִּיר - to conceal or to hide. להסתיר is an active-causative הִפְעִיל verb.

For example:

הִיא הִסְתִּירָה אֶת הַמֵּידַע מֵהַתִּקְשׁוֹרֶת.
She concealed the information from the media.

Something concealed is מֻסְתָּר - a passive-causative הֻפְעַל gerund.

For example:

הוּא נוֹשֵׂא אֶקְדַח מֻסְתָּר.
He is carrying a concealed weapon.

A synonym of להסתיר is לְהַחְבִּיא - to hide (something), usually referring to hiding something physical.

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