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Dec 5, 2012

how to say "wrapping paper" in Hebrew

having trouble seeing the print?
נְיַר עֲטִיפָה

A good Hebrew term to know as the end of fall approaches is that for wrapping paper: נְיַר עֲטִיפָה

נייר  - paper - first appears in the Hebrew language in Mishnaic literature, while עטיפה  - wrapping - comes from the Biblical-Hebrew verb to wrap - לַעֲטוֹף .

For example:

אֲבַקֵּשׁ לַעֲטוֹף אֶת הַמַּתָּנָה בְּנְיַר עֲטִיפָה.
May I have the gift wrapped in wrapping paper? (literally, I shall ask to wrap the gift in wrapping paper.) 

Truth is, in Biblical Hebrew, לעטוף also means to faint or to grow weak. More on that in tomorrow's dose.

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