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Nov 21, 2012

how to say "emergency" in Hebrew

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The Hebrew word for emergency is חֵרוּם. It first appears in recorded Hebrew in the Talmud, in the expression:

בִּשְׁעַת חֵרוּם
at a time of emergency 
Other Hebrew expressions used regularly today are:

מַצָּב חֵרוּם
an emergency situation

בְּמִקְרֶה חירום
in case of emergency


מִסְפַּר חירום
emergency number

Here's a page I put together with emergency phone numbers in Israel, along with other useful expressions. This page was given out at AACI's Fourth of July event in 2011.

Make this dose of Hebrew yours by using it in a sentence. You can write your sentence on the wall of our Facebook page, and we'll correct it for you if it's got errors.

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