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Aug 29, 2012

how to say "calculator" in Hebrew

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זוֹכְרִים אֶת אֵלֶּה?
remember these?
(zoh-kheh-REEM et EH-leh)
One of the most commonly-used verbs in conversation, in both English and Hebrew, is to think - לַחְשׁוֹב (lahkh-SHOHV). The root of this active-simple פָּעַל Hebrew verb, ח.ש.ב (, is also the birthplace of many other words, including to be considerate, account, math, the bill, and many others, including the word for calculator.

מַחְשְׁבוֹן (mahkh-sheh-VOHN) is a diminutive form of the word for computerמַחְשֵׁב (mahkh-SHEV), which means, basically, thinking machine. מחשבון means calculator.

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