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Apr 27, 2012

how to say "series" in Hebrew

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Today was Israel's יוֹם הָעַצְמָאוּת - Independence Day, literally, the day of independence (yohm hah-ahts-mah-OOT).

To give you a comical glimpse into Israeli culture, I'll refer you to a series put out by Ynet called "Pini":

The Hebrew word for a series of any kind is סִדְרָה (seed-RAH), from the word סֵדֶר (SEH-dehr), meaning order (yes, like the Passover Seder). That's because a series is a group of things set in a particular order.

Likewise, the related English word serial is סִדְרָתִי (seed-rah-TEE) in Hebrew. So a serial killer is a רוֹצֵחַ סִדְרָתִי (roh-TSEH-ahkh seed-rah-TEE) - if it's a male.

סדרה is also one of the terms for weekly Torah portion, though it is pronounced by the European or English-speaking rabbis who use the term as SED-rah.

שבת שלום, וסוף שבוע נעים לכולם!
Shabbat Shalom, and a pleasant weekend to all!

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