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Nov 15, 2011

how to say "to use the restroom"... nicely, in Hebrew

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This one's for a friend of mine, who was delighted to discover this new term in the course of his Hebrew immersion.

Excusing oneself to the restroom is liable to be an awkward proposition; hence cover-up expressions such as "I'd like to use the restroom," "I'd like to excuse myself," etc.

Hebrew's got a polite replacement for the more direct אֲנִי צָרִיךְ/צְרִיכָה לָלֶכֶת לַשֵּׁרוּתִים (ah-NEE tsah-REEKH/tseh-ree-KHAH lah-LEH-khet lah-sheh-roo-TEEM) - I (masculine and feminine, respectively) need to go to the facilities... as well as for the more vulgar but, sadly, commonplace, יֵשׁ לִי פִּיפִּי (yesh lee PEE-pee) - I have... [read the transliteration].

The replacement verb is לְהִתְפַּנּוֹת (leh-heet-pah-NOHT), which means, literally, to evacuate (use your imagination to figure out the object of evacuation) or to free oneself. The word comes from the root פ.נ.ה (p.n.h), meaning turning to a new direction

להתפנות also means to become available after having been busy. It's a reflexive-intensive verb.

Israeli Music Decoded

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In honor of the inclement weather this week, I'll be featuring Shlomo Artzi's classic father-son song, אֶרֶץ חֲדָשָׁה (EH-rets khah-dah-SHAH) - A New Land. 

Why this song? tune in to find out.

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