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Jul 11, 2011

another way of saying "it was nice to meet you" in Hebrew...

שָׂמַחְתִּי לְהַכִּיר

If you know a bit of Hebrew, you're almost certain to have used the phrase נָעִים מְאֹד - nice to meet you, or literally, very pleasant (nah-EEM meh-OHD). That's what one normally says at the moment of introduction to someone new - let's call her שָׁרִית (sah-REET).

Now suppose you've been speaking with שרית for a few minutes now, but it's time to get on with your day. At this point you might add a word, to create the phrase it was nice to meet you - הָיָה נָעִים מְאֹד (hah-YAH nah-EEM meh-OHD).

An alternative, however, is to express some more emotion than simply it was pleasant or nice to meet you. In this case, you might say שָׂמַחְתִּי לְהַכִּיר - I was happy to make (your) acquaintance (sah-MAHKH-tee leh-hah-KEER). You could say this whether you're a female or male, and whether you're speaking to a female or a male.

You could also get terse and just say, שמחתי (sah-MAHKH-tee).

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