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May 24, 2011

how to say "no problem!" in Hebrew (two ways)...

אֵין בְּעָיָה!
עַל לֹא דָּבָר!

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In other languages that may sound familiar (or native!) to you, we've got no hay problema (Spanish), pas de probleme (French), etc. 

In English, it's no problem!

But it's got at least two meanings: there's no problem at the beginning of a statement - as in, No problem, I'll fix that - and no problem as a response to a thank you

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Each meaning of the English no problem enjoys its own term in Hebrew. 

No problem, I'll fix that translates to אֵין בְּעָיָה, אֲנִי אַתַקֵּן אֶת זֶה (EH-een beh-ah-YAH, ah-NEE ah-tah-KEN et zeh).

Whereas "Thanks for fixing it!" "No problem!" translates to
  "תּוֹדָה שֶׁתִּקַּנְתָּ אֶת זֶה!"
"עַל לֹא דָּבָר!"
("toh-DAH sheh-tee-KAHN-tah et ZEH!" "ahl loh dah-VAHR!")

על לא דבר means, literally, for nothing. It's equivalent to the Spanish, de nada.

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