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Jan 13, 2011

how to say "scandal" in Hebrew...


This one's for ליאת (Liat). 

If you've got some Hebrew, the first word that may have come to mind for scandal is סְקַנְדָּל (skahn-DAHL).

But there's another word: שַׁעֲרוּרִיָּה (shah-ah-roo-ree-YAH). This word appears in Biblical Hebrew and is derived from the adjective שֹׁעַר (SHOH-ahr), meaning vile.

For example... אֵיזוֹ שׁערורייה! (EH-ee-zoh shah-ah-roo-ree-YAH) - What a scandal!

Don't worry - I won't leave you this week on such a note. There's still one more word tomorrow!

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