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Jul 1, 2010

how to say "to listen" in Hebrew - two ways (click for the answer)

להקשיב, להאזין

The most common word for to listen in Hebrew is לְהַקְשִׁיב. For example, אֲנִי מַקְשִׁיב לְךָ, חָבֵר (ah-NEE mahk-SHEEV leh-KHAH hah-VEHR) means I'm listening to you, friend, when both the speaker and the friend are male. קֶשֶׁב (KEH-shev), with the same root as להקשיב, means attention.

Another word is לְהַאֲזִין (leh-hah-ah-ZEEN). If you look carefully at the word, you may notice that its root is א.ז.נ (a.z.n), the same root as the word for ear - אֹזֶן (OH-zen). This word is slightly "higher" Hebrew - a radio announcer would use it to say listen to the news - הַאֲזִינוּ לַחֲדָשׁוֹת (hah-ah-ZEE-noo lah-hah-dah-SHOHT). It's also used in the Torah, in the closing poem of Moses to the people of Israel (look it up - Deuteronomy 32).

Call-to-action for this Shabbat/weekend

I invite you to join me in a Shabbat/weekend challenge.

Let's take two people with whom we regularly come into contact but haven't paid much attention to... and engage them in a conversation in which we give them our full קשב - attention.

שבת שלום! (Shabbat Shalom)
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