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Jun 1, 2010

how do you say "truth" and "real" in Hebrew?

אמת, אמיתי

If you're having trouble seeing the vowels, enlarge the display on your monitor.

The Rabbis pointed out that the Hebrew word for truth - אֶמֶת (eh-MEHT) - begins with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, א, continues with one of the two middle letters, מ, and ends with the last letter, ת. This Biblical Hebrew word therefore encompasses the gamut of reality.

The word for real is אֲמִתִּי (ah-mee-TEE).

The word for reality, however, is מְצִיאוּת (meh-tsee-OOT) - that which is found.

Those who seek אמת are open to hearing Israel's perspective on this morning's events that involved the Israeli Navy and the so-called humanitarian ships to Gaza. The video below (can't see it?) is footage taken by the IDF - it documents the attack upon our soldiers, though perhaps not as effectively as the flotilla's pre-meditating PR crew documents their side.

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